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RTN Press is an alternative publisher that brings out heavily illustrated picture books, especially manuscripts on which mainline publishers can’t make a profit.

  • Manuscripts with hundreds of b&w pictures…
  • Manuscripts with numerous color pictures...
  • Books that could be self-published...
  • Historical books and textbooks with limited markets.

The fact is, mainline publishers generally look to price an item at retail at six times the cost. If a book costs $3.50 to make, its retail price will range to about $21.00. If you have a book with a lot of pictures, which are more expensive than straight text to reproduce, you end up with a product that is priced out of the market for commercial publishers. A book that costs $22.00 to produce, no matter how beautiful, can’t interest a publisher who would have to price it at $132.00.

RTN Press is a smaller, alternative publisher that brings to market those books where the commercial houses often have little or no interest. RTN Press helps the author file for copyright protection, have an ISBN assigned and a Library of Congress number, if appropriate; RTN Press produces a finished product that one can be proud to send out. The author retains all rights to the finished product, and has the responsibility for marketing that product.

Look at some of the books on the following pages to get an idea what RTN Press can do. And thanks for checking in.

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